Suzanne Scheideker Cook

Suzanne Scheideker Cook

Your Thoughts Have Power

English Spanish Your Thoughts Have Power by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “When you expect the best, you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attractions tends to bring the best to you.” – Reverend Norman Vincent Peale Mahatma Gandhi’s and Reverend Norman Vincent Peale’s lives and words have always been a […]

Emails Can Haunt You

English Spanish Emails Can Haunt You by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “The tongue weighs practically nothing but so few people can hold it.” – African Proverb By now, you may have realized that some topics are the focus of more than one blog post. This is because we know these topics all too easily can make […]

Time For A Change

English Spanish Time For A Change by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression.” – Nelson Mandela For many years, I believed if we were granted full equality under the law, we would be equal with men. As I researched equality for women, I […]

What Is Your Purpose?

English Spanish What Is Your Purpose? by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “Everyone’s life is either moving towards or away from a purpose.”  – From the movie, The Answer Man As I’ve shared, I often use quotes as positive affirmations each morning. They also help me refocus and regain my balance during the day. Sometimes, I turn […]

Note-Taking 101

English Spanish Note-Taking 101 by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “For some time, it is my habit to use images when preparing a speech. Rather than write it down, I illustrate it.” – Dario Fo This blog is dedicated to Alex, one of my readers, who sent an email to me letting me know that she does […]

From Stereotypes To Sisterhood

English Spanish FROM STEREOTYPES TO SISTERHOOD by Suzanne Scheideker Cook I was reluctant to join when I was first asked to join a Women’s Club by Diana who is a dear friend of mine. All I could think of was women wearing hats and drinking tea in an insulated setting.  (Don’t get me wrong – […]