Suzanne Scheideker Cook

Suzanne Scheideker Cook

Why Create A To-Do List?

English Spanish Why Create A To-Do List? by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think.” – Albert Einstein One of my favorite stories about Albert Einstein takes place when he is walking home with several colleagues and one of them asks for […]

Five Ways To Gain A New Perspective

English Spanish Five Ways To Gain A New Perspective by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “The best ideas emerge when very different perspectives meet.” – Frans Johansson I was often tasked to make information that was coming from different operational entities into a unified voice. To aid in this, I would send out painstakingly detailed instructions on […]

Value, Curate, And Expand Your References

English Spanish Value, Curate, And Expand Your References by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “Expand your references, and you’ll immediately expand your life.” – Tony Robbins Recently, I received a telephone call and an online questionnaire from two different entities requesting a reference for an individual that had worked for our company. I was more than a […]

Emails Can Haunt You

English Spanish Emails Can Haunt You by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “The tongue weighs practically nothing but so few people can hold it.” – African Proverb By now, you may have realized that some topics are the focus of more than one blog post. This is because we know these topics all too easily can make […]

Note-Taking 101

English Spanish Note-Taking 101 by Suzanne Scheideker Cook “For some time, it is my habit to use images when preparing a speech. Rather than write it down, I illustrate it.” – Dario Fo This blog is dedicated to Alex, one of my readers, who sent an email to me letting me know that she does […]